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New York Assembly Delays e-Prescribing Mandate

Today the New York State Assembly passed an amendment delaying the start of mandatory electronic prescriptions. This amendment, already passed by the State Senate, pushes the mandate to March 27, 2016 giving prescribers and pharmacists an extra year to implement e-Prescribing.

The amendment will be sent to the Governor of New York for approval.


New York Set to Delay e-Prescribing Mandate

As the deadline for implementing e-Prescribing in New York State approaches, the State Legislature has taken steps to delay the deadline by one year. A bill delaying the March 27 deadline has been passed by the NY State Senate and was sent to the Assembly for approval.

InfoGard has been working with many software developers to test and certify their applications to the DEA requirements for e-Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS). Continue reading

InfoGard EPCS Certification vs. Audit

The DEA requires all applications prescribing controlled substances electronically be certified or audited to 21 CFR 1311 requirements. The table below shows the benefits of having your application certified by InfoGard.

IGL vs  Auditor Table


Table of Contents – InfoGard’s EPCS Blog Articles

Just over a year ago, InfoGard Laboratories launched a blog to inform the public of news regarding Health IT, EHR, and EPCS. In an effort to create an easy navigation system for readers interested in browsing topics on EPCS, we have put together a list of all the articles we’ve written regarding the topic of EPCS: Continue reading

How Accreditation Requirements for EPCS Certifiers Relates to Installed Assessment

As mentioned in a previous blog, at the April 24, 2014 Senate Judiciary oversight hearing, Rhode Island Senator Whitehouse asked Administrator Leonhart if the DEA was participating in the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) program. Administrator Leonhart stated that the DEA “certifies companies that bless whatever technology is going to be used.”

While this appears to signal DEA’s intent to only permit organizations with DEA approved Certification processes to certify EPCS technology, this is currently not the case. Continue reading

InfoGard is Attending HIMSS14

InfoGard is Attending HIMSS14

We will be sending three representatives to the HIMSS Conference in Orlando, FL (HIMSS14) on February 23-27. InfoGard representatives that will be attending include CTO Doug Biggs, Senior Account Manager Steve Wilson, and EHR Program Manager Milton Padilla. We look forward to the opportunity to talk with you about your EHR and EPCS requirements. Please contact or call us at 805-783-0810 to make an appointment to speak with one of them. See you at the conference!

ONC HIT Certification Programmoney and stethoscope

InfoGard Remains Committed to the ONC HIT Certification Program

With CCHIT’s announcement that they plan to withdraw from the ONC HIT Certification Program, InfoGard would like to assuage concerns regarding the stability of the program and our commitment to our vendors and their certifications.  As one of the original testing and certification organizations for the ONC HIT Certification Program, InfoGard is fully vested in the success of this program.  “The ONC HIT program is an important component of InfoGard’s Healthcare IT portfolio of services that we provide to our HIT customers.  The Health IT market is part of our focused long term strategic plan,” says Mark Shin, InfoGard COO. Continue reading