Clinical Quality Measures

InfoGard Accredited to Test Clinical Quality Measures

On August 22, 2016, InfoGard achieved accreditation from NVLAP (Lab Code 100432-0) to begin testing to the 2015 Edition certification criteria for Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs). The CQM criteria include:

  • 315(c)(1) – Clinical quality measures –record and export
  • 315(c)(2) – Clinical quality measures –import and calculate
  • 315(c)(3) – Clinical quality measures—report
  • 315(c)(4) – Clinical quality measures –filter

The measures tested under the 315.c.1-4 criteria are used by providers and hospitals for the CMS Meaningful Use Program in 2017 and beyond.

The test procedures can be found on the ONC website:

The test tool, Cypress, can be found at:

CMS information about the CQMs is available:

InfoGard understands that developers may have delayed testing until these criteria were available. Don’t delay any longer! Contact us to get started today!

Health IT Module

2015 Edition Proposed Rule – Changing “EHR Module” to “Health IT Module”

In the 2015 Edition Proposed Rule, ONC has recommended that the term “EHR Module” be changed to “Health IT Module”. This change would support the expansion of the ONC Health IT Certification Program to include other types of Health IT besides just EHRs.

ONC has already removed the term “Complete EHR” for any edition after the 2014 Edition (see the 2014 Edition Release 2 Final Rule). The change to Health IT Module would remove the term “EHR” from the Certification Program entirely. Continue reading

2014 Edition Release Clipboard

2014 Edition Release 2 – Test Procedures Published

ONC has published the majority of the test procedures for the 2014 Edition Release 2 Certification Criteria. The Final Rule for Release 2 includes ten new optional and two revised criteria. InfoGard will begin accepting contracts for 2014 Edition Release 2 on February 16, 2015.

2014 Edition Release 2 Criteria and Test Procedures

The test procedures for the following criteria have been published: Continue reading

Retail Payment vs Medical Record Breaches

Those of us involved in the information security business receive lots of questions from friends, neighbors and family related to their concerns about privacy. At InfoGard, we are heavily involved in evaluating the security of both Healthcare IT and retail payment devices and systems. Questions related to the vulnerability of retail payments have become increasingly common. However, little concern is voiced about the safety of healthcare records. While everyone has heard about Target’s, Supervalu’s (Albertson’s) and Home Depot’s breaches, and more recently, Kmart, the general public lacks an awareness of healthcare breaches. Furthermore, even when they hear the dismal history, they lack the same level of concern. Continue reading

Table of Contents – InfoGard’s EPCS Blog Articles

Just over a year ago, InfoGard Laboratories launched a blog to inform the public of news regarding Health IT, EHR, and EPCS. In an effort to create an easy navigation system for readers interested in browsing topics on EPCS, we have put together a list of all the articles we’ve written regarding the topic of EPCS: Continue reading

Future Interoperability Challenges

The future effectiveness of Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) requires all healthcare related information to be available on demand to any authorized individual anywhere in the country.  Many government programs and initiatives must come together to make this happen.  Even responsible government officials are not aware of all related efforts underway.  Continue reading

InfoGard is Attending HIMSS14

InfoGard is Attending HIMSS14

We will be sending three representatives to the HIMSS Conference in Orlando, FL (HIMSS14) on February 23-27. InfoGard representatives that will be attending include CTO Doug Biggs, Senior Account Manager Steve Wilson, and EHR Program Manager Milton Padilla. We look forward to the opportunity to talk with you about your EHR and EPCS requirements. Please contact or call us at 805-783-0810 to make an appointment to speak with one of them. See you at the conference!